Sandwich-insulated log



The Product has good fire resistance properties, corresponding to the fire resistance of wood. The insulation’s fire safety rating is F. It does not contain toxic fire retardants based on bromine compounds. Therefore, a fire retardant is installed in the structure, if needed. Since air, and thus also oxygen, cannot pass through the dense structure of the insulation to a fire, the insulation does not burn well. The fire fades out in closed spaces. The ignition temperature of the insulation material is more than 300 °C and its auto-ignition temperature is more than 400 °C. The burning by-products of the insulation are the same as those of wooden products. The long-term operating temperature, upon which the strength properties of the insulation do not virtually change, is between -180...+75 °C. The insulation maintains its form at temperatures approximately up to +90 °C. Its thermal expansion is 0.07 mm/(mK) and density approximately 30–50 kg/m3.