Sandwich-insulated log



The Product is moisture resistant. The pore structure of the insulation is fully homogeneous and closed throughout the entire board, and its surface is dense and hydrophobic. Submersion tests, which lasted more than a year, have determined that only the surface pores of the cutting face of the insulation material absorb water (pore dimensions 0.05-0.1 mm). The amount of water absorbed in the board during one year remained the same as it was after the first two days. The closed structure of the pores is homogeneous and functions as a natural water vapour barrier, due to which water nor water vapour can permeate the insulation even via capillaries, since the pore structure is perfectly homogeneous and there are no capillary channels in it. The Product’s moisture resistance values are shown in the following table:

The Product is weatherproof. The wood (Product) is deep-impregnated with salts (highly moist areas), providing additional value, and vacuum-impregnated with hot linseed oil, filling all the wood pores within a 2 mm range and preventing moisture from permeating the pores and damaging the wood. All this provides sufficient protection for five to ten years and only after that it is recommended to refresh the surface layer with the same oil (especially the outdoor, i.e., exterior surfaces). This assures that the Product is protected against moisture and sunlight and general weather damage, maintaining its original properties as well as appearance. The Product has been tested in Scandinavia, is well-known, and highly recognised in practice. In order to increase the Product's weather resistance, UV-protection can be added to the linseed oil during impregnation, repellents can be added in case of use in areas that are rich in vermin (e.g., termites), as well as other required and desired additives may be used.