Sandwich-insulated log



A building constructed from insulated logs does not have any thermal bridges or penetrating elements. The building itself is time-proof, sturdy, and its structure as well as the insulation has excellent mechanical strength properties. The strength characteristics of the insulation are shown in the following table:

The Product does not need any additional care after installation, as is the case with log houses (there is no sinking, swelling, or cracking typical for log houses) or frame houses. Even providing a warranty for the Product is easier.

The Product does not require a crane or other special heavy equipment for installation. Depending on the layout of the specific house, the installation does not take more than 1–3 working days. If necessary, the house can be disassembled, transported, and re-assembled very easily. Aside from assembly (which is quick and easy) everything related to the Product is industrially manufactured. The need for manpower on the construction site is minimal, since there is no need for regular interior work and cladding, battens, vapour or wind barriers, accessories, structures, etc.

The material transportation is simple, especially in mountains or other areas that are difficult to access and have confined conditions. The Product can even be transported with a regular pick-up truck with a 5–6 meter long bed. Since the Product is lightweight, it can be unloaded manually. The impregnated Product is resistant to weather damage on the site.

The Product can be used in combination with all other regular construction materials.
All the described properties assure the most inexpensive wooden house construction compared to our competitors, however, guaranteeing extremely high efficiency and profitability, not forgetting a more natural and better living environment for humans (100% human-friendly).