The uniqueness of the KSP product of beams, logs and building elements insulated in layers lies in the fact that the wood, isolation material and glue are combined into a single element-component using glue, forming a construction material for wooden houses or other wooden buildings that is of high efficiency, and complies with the modern high and continuously growing demands. KSP is deeply immersed in salts and receives its final finishing using the unique and high efficiency method of hot linseed oil vacuum immersion. This process guarantees an ideally protected, natural and human and nature friendly construction material and living environment for decades.

Special characteristics of the combination of beams, logs and building elements insulated in layers:

  1. A zero energy building" is very easily achievable;

  2. Very high energetic efficiency and energy savings;

  3. Without a doubt the best indoor climate in terms of health;

  4. No dew point or condensation can develop in the insulation inside the wall;

  5. The possibilities of air humidity accessing the inside of the wall, the insulation, are excluded;

  6. Microorganisms (mould or wood decay) cannot exist inside the wall within the insulation due to lack of suitable conditions;

  7. There are no thermal bridges or details penetrating product;

  8. The product is extremely durable concerning freezing and thawing cycles;

  9. The product is highly durable concerning earthquakes and other environmental factors;

  10. The product is highly durable concerning ageing as the isolation will not decay or rot;

  11. It is ideal for cold areas (the efficiency increases as the temperature drops, but it is also very suitable for hot areas or areas with high humidity – there are no restrictions;

  12. Fire resistance rating F complies with the fire resistance rating for wood but oxygen has no access to the insulation;

  13. The installation does not require a crane or any other heavy special mechanisms;

  14. Similarly to log houses it does not require complementary aftercare;

  15. Excellent soundproofing qualities;

  16. Everything relating to the product, except for installation (which is easy and simple) is industrial manufacturing;

  17. The need for human resources is minimal (the usual inside and outside finishing procedures are not necessary, distance strips, stream and wind stoppers, screws, nails, appliances, structures).

  18. The product is weatherproof (deeply immersed in salts and immersed in vacuum in hot linseed oil);

  19. Transportation is easy and simple, especially in mountains or in other areas that are difficult to access or in other narrow conditions (for example, only a car with a 5-6 m rear box is necessary for transportation);

  20. Installation is quick, 1-3 days (1-3 floors) and only requires a minimal crew;

  21. A house built of this product may be deconstructed easily, relocated and reconstructed;

  22. The product can be easily recycled and is completely safe for production of renewable energy (waste classification – M1);

  23. The follow-up costs and exploitation costs of the house are either minimal or non-existent;

  24. All of the aspects highlighted above ensure a better edge of competitiveness in constructing and using wooden houses, without forgetting the most natural and best living environment for people.